Seo Introduction - Importance of Seo

Seo Introduction : Importance of Seo 

  • Seo is a process to get your page on search results without paying any single penny .Simply Search engine optimization will optimize your visibility on search results .On page Seo is very important to increase visibility on search engines.
  • Seo is a process to drive free , natural and organic traffic on your website completely free .
  • Seo helps search engines to find out you, What about your blogs/websites are . Which type of customers/ visitors should visit your blogs/websites .
  • Seo allows you to find out your content for webmasters. Also seo will help webmasters to understand that, your content should be found on search engines or not ? 
  • Without seo a site/blog  also can be invisible to search engines.
Let's check with a search :

  • You wanna buy a motorcycle online.
  • Search with "buy a motocycle online " on google search engines .
  • Google showing you country specific Motorcycle sellers online right ?
  • So it is the power of Seo .
Ecommerece site is numurous on search result , Then all site will start fighting to get on Search Result & Seo will help them to get position in results .

Where you look the result for your search ?
On first page ? No, second page ? Not more than 3 page right ? Visitor looks not more than five page on any search result .

But if your site/blog don't get in top 5 page of search what will happend with you ?

Simply you will lose traffics/customers .

Will you want a site without traffics / customers? Answer is no right ? So you need solutions ? Then the solution is

Search engine optimization

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