Do Female Budgies Lay Eggs Without Mating -Without Males -

On this page you will get this answer , Really a Female Budgies can Lay an Egg without mating even without a male Budgies ?

In budgies eggs laying is a seasonal process ,Egg laying is very natural for budgies . But can they lay egg without male ? Simple answer is yes , a female budgies can lay an egg without mating and even without a male budgie. But all of these eggs will be infertile, and you will not get a budgies baby from it. 

Female and male budgies with some eggs
Budgies with several Eggs

If your budgie lay an eggs without male what should you do ?

On one morning just you noticed, an eggs  thrown under cage , though you have no male budgie here , only a female budgie. Don't feel hesitated . It's natural . Give calcium suppliments to them . And follow her cere it's should be brown . That means she is in breeding mood . Just make a pair with an male budgie , which on breeding mood also . You will get some budgies baby in next 1 month . So it's a good news right ? 

If my female budgie lay eggs without mating ? Then what should i do ?

This is a problem . Your budgie can lay eggs without mating and will try to hatch these eggs . You should not do anything . Mother budgie will try to hatch , definitely she will understand after some day this eggs can not be hatch . And she will throw these eggs . Then separate both budgies male and females. Give a 1 month rest to this female budgies on a flying cage .Give them some calcium suppliments. During the rest time give them all vegetables they eat like spinach , carrots , cucumber , Egg foods , cucumber Etc. After getting 1 month rest you can now make a pair with another male budgie . Hope you will get success . 

To know more about budgies you can read this article on wikipedia . 


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