Ceiling Fan Running Slow - Reason & Solution

Ceiling Fan Running Slow Reasons ?

There are various problems that can happen with a ceiling fan to decrease fan's speed, Those are mechanical and those are electrical.

Mechanical Issues for slow speed of a ceiling fan : 

  • Bearing Problem
  • Poor blade balance 

Electrical Problem : 
  • Bad Capacitor 
  • Winding Problem

Troubleshooting these low speed ceiling fans ?

Switch off your ceiling fan and wait until it  stops totally . Now spin the blade with your hands, If you feel difficult to turn that means it cause bearing or lubricants problem .If the blades spin freely that means you should change the capacitor.Now again turn on fan and feel sound if it's make a squaring and grinding sound it indicates the problem of bearings or lubricants  . In this case you have to change bearings.  Check all blades balance. Don't forget to check the speed regulator. Sometimes ceiling fans get slow for speed regulators also. 

ceiling fan running slow fix it
Ceiling fan repairing

Add lubricants to speedup ceiling fan - 

Some larger fans have an oil contained reservoir to lubricate the bearing. Some manufacturers keep a small hole located in the upper parts of motor housing to add additional oils . So bearings can lubricate when it's needed . The hole should be marked as "add oil" . Start spraying a little amount of oil on this hole and run the fan for next 20 to 30 minute . If you get rid of noise then your fan is okay now.Some ceiling fan manufacturers don't keep any holes they sealed every part . Then you should contact a ceiling fan  repairer. 

How can I identify that my capacitor is good or it's defective ?

It's so easy to identify a defective capacitor . All you need a series testing board . To make a series testing on home you can read my this post , Make a series Testing Board 
Okay with a series testing wire just connect the capacitor for 15 seconds then short it with a metal, if it sparkles with hard noise your capacitor is okay . If your capacitor spark without making noise then it gets damaged. You have to change the capacitor . 

[Remember don't use other  capacitor , if your fan manufacturer used 2.5 uf before , you can't use 3.5uf there . Use same as your manufacturer company has used before. Shop keeper can tell that you can use any one no problem, ]

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