How to earn money from PPD – Methods to earn money from Pay Per Download

How to earn money from PPD – Methods to earn money

On 2020 you can earn money by doing many types of work. Multiple money earning method available online now a day. On this page I will share a full tutorial about PPD earnings, also I will share some best PPD networks, they are still paying on 2020.I also sharing some money earning method for PPD sites. 

What is PPD network / Sites?

PPD stands for “Pay Per Download”. The network/sites will pay you for every unique public download. Example: you have uploaded a file, now you have to share the link with friends, if any of your friend download it, you will get paid for it. That’s so simple.
“If you have a website, you must upload your downloadable files to google drive / media fire / or on your own host provider server right? You just have to upload this downloadable files to PPD Network’s server. Once any of your unique visitor download your file, you will get rewarded for it.”

How to earn money from PPD Networks ?
How to earn money from PPD Networks ?

 Why I should start earning money from PPD sites?

Most of new freelancer start work online by investing money. You don’t need to invest a single penny on this platform. You can start making money from PPD networks today without any investment. This is one of easiest online money making platform. Quickest money making platform. You don’t need any marketing knowledge to start PPD Networks. If you are a newbie don’t worry you can start making money from today. You don’t need to have any skills to start earning from PPD Networks.

If anyone ask me do you recommend Pay Per Download?
Answer: Yes, I recommend to earning money from PPD Network.

How can I start earning money from PPD Network from today?

PPD Marketing is a simple and easiest way to earn money online. With successful PPD Marketing you can build a passive automated income source for yourself. PPD marketing offers you to monetizing your downloadable digital products such as Files, Applications, Documents, Music, Documents, Games, Photos, Movies, Software, EBooks, Pdf files, Many more.
If you want to earn money from PPD Networks – You have to sign up on any one of Best PPD Networks. Read their terms and conditions – and upload your digital content to start earning money from today.
 available online which is still now paying on 2020.

Who should use PPD Network and who shouldn’t?

Website/Blog owner who is offering free photos, Movies, Pdf Files, Games, Free Software and any free digital contents. Can earn money from PPD SITES. The website owner’s/ blog owner’s doesn’t have any digital content, suppose techy, news, articles should not use PPD network to earn money. Because visitor will feel disturbed for ads. It can affect your traffic of your websites.

Types of PPD Networks:

There are two types of PPD Networks available online. One is “Survey PPD Network”. Second one is “Non Survey PPD Network”. Survey PPD networks pays a high amount of money for every single download. Once you upload your digital content on Survey PPD Sites.  If any visitor tries to download your files, server will ask him/her to fill the survey. Once he/her completes the survey, file should start download automatically. Visitor can access the files, after a successful download. You will get paid for it. You can expect 1 to 10$ for every single download.
But I will recommend you to use NON survey PPD networks.  Because most of visitor won’t fill the survey, and you won’t pay for this.
Non survey PPD sites pays a little amount for every single download. But every visitor can download them free easily, without any problems from Non Survey PPD networks.

Method to earn money from PPD Networks:

You can build a movie download website. Where you will upload your movies on PPD networks and insert your link on blogs/Movies websites. It’s so simple.
You can upload crack files which is not available online for free, and can share these links with your friends and can make free blogs on Share links on social media can help you to get more downloads. Upload your digital content and share your link on Facebook, twitter, other social media.You can upload old version like pot player old version, Win amp player etc.  files which can help peoples.

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