How to hide a disk with Command Prompt (CMD) in a minute .

On this lesson i am sharing a tips,

How can you hide a disk with Command Prompt (CMD).

Some times you need to make your disk hidden from your children or from any people, you can simply do it with command prompt. 

Let's begin tutorial, 

How to hide a disk on windows 10
How to hide  a disk 

First you have to run cmd , you can easily press windows button + r to run  (Run)  Setting.
Type Cmd there, then you will find Command Prompt . Now here you should type Diskpart hit Enter .  Then type list disk .  You will show there your all disk list . Select a disk then , you should find out which disk you wanna hide from there . Select the disk number from above of there.Suppose i want to hide disk number 1 , i will simply right there select disk 1 , then you will see a message that show you , your disk is selected . Then type offline disk and hit Enter . 

Done your all partition of your disk will not show up on my computer ..
Step 1 :

Step 2 : Type List Disk And Hit Enter. 

Step 3 : Select disk (your preferred disk number ) 1.

Step 4 : Type offline disk and hit enter .
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And Done .. 
You have successfully hidden your disk .. 

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