Gogetsome.net not running anymore . A death of huge Captcha earning platform . They paid me above 1415 USD .

Shit shit shit man ,

I think one of captcha server there not running anymore . 
After having a long time of low captcha speed, Peoples not working anymore... And there are many captcha server is free now a days . Google recaptcha also best now a days. So i think they have short of order for manual captcha . 

I had a time with GogetSome  ... I will share my experience with you guys. Before some days it was okay , I have typed some captcha and earned some cents :P . Now i am trying to visiting there site , but from last 7 days it's not responding . So i think they also getting down like as firsttypers.org . 

First time i got emerald level .. 
Emerald level 

Gogetsome.net ruby level
Ruby Level Captcha Work On GoGetsome

I was very proud of them uploaded many photo of my works on facebook .. 
Bonus over 38 % ..

Now i lost them :( . They have never a problem with payments )
Love you gogetsome. If you can please come back again . 
I don't know who you are (Owner of gogetsome). Thank you boss.
I salute you . 

I was a student. After suddenly death of my father , i got depressed . And doesn't no how to do . Then i got this 
Got no money get some - Gogetsome .
And solved my all problems.

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