How to start a new blog and earn from it - completely free without investment?

If you are a new freelancer. You must searched how to earn money online and got some platforms to earn money online .

There are many platform to earn money online.Blogging is also a platform where you can earn money.If you want to invest some money then buy a Domain and hosting . As a newbie blogger you can start with WordPress.If you don't have enough money to buy domain and hosting then you can start absolutely free with Blogspot. Blogspot is a blogging platform which provided by google .You don't need any host or domain then.So let's describe 

how to start a blogging site free from today ?

How to start a new blog and earn from it - completely free without investment?
How to start a new blog and earn from it - completely free without investment?

It's quite simple to make a blog site with . 
Visit and sign up .Now choose the right title of your blog and submit your address also don't forget a responsive theme for your blog.
How to start a new blog and earn from it completelBy free without investment?
Blogger Sign Up Free 

Your registration is complete.Select your niche. 
Question :Which niche i should select ?
Answer : Simple which one you know well ? You can start with this

 Now you should write articles actually not only articles unique articles. Every post should more than 500 words included . Every post have to be  a Heading, Sub Heading , Simple words , Picture alts. Do simple keyword research on every topics you are selecting for your blogs. After complete posting submit your blog to Google Webmaster . Submit a sitemap of your blog. Google should index your site as soon as possible. Mean people will get your blogs when they search on google . 
adding a new site to google webmaster
Adding a blog on google webmaster

Same as google webmaster you can submit your blog site on Yandex Webmaster , Bing Webmaster , Yahoo Webmaster . Now it's time to share your posts on public. Share your posts on FacebookTwitterRedditLinkedin and on other platforms. Build some back link, do seo , share your blogs on forums and other blogs to get traffic.

After getting some visitors and posting some unique articles you can apply for Adsense. If you  follow Adsense Program Policies .
You can also check eligibility requirements for applying Adsense
You have to be at least 18 + years to apply for adsense account . Your blogs should be at least 6 months old . Adsense also a product of google. Get approved , place your ads on your blogs. And earn money from adsense. Before getting approved on adsense , you can also use some other ads network if you have enough traffic. And you have to find best adsense alternatives.  

  • Media
  • Propellers Ads
  • Revenue Hits
  • Infolinks .
  • You can also do affiliate marketing and everything with your blogs.You need traffic to earn money right ?
  • Yllix Media  is also a advertising network . It's paying regularly .

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