DIY Make 220V LED At Home And Save Energy

Who don't want to save energy and money ? Everyone want to save some money.On this post i will share how you can make a DIY 220V LED Light at home. Saving energy can develop your country also can save your money. You should change your every bulb CFL TO LED Bulb.So let's make it.

Tools need to make 220V LED Light At Home ?

  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering paste & lead
  • Best Quality Glue.
  • Series line .
  • Series testing war.
Components need to make 220V Led Light at Home ?
  • Resistor - 470K 0.25 watts , 100 OHMS 0.50 Watts  (2).
  • 1uF 400V Polymer capacitor .
  • 10uF 16 V Capacitor.
  • Diode 1N4007 (4).
  • 24 High brightness LED .

Circuit Diagram Of 220V LED At Home 

220V Led Bulb Making Circuit Diagram
Home Make 220V Led Projects 
Make a circuit like this and connect as above circuit diagram . It should work 100% . You can buy cover of LED BULB from your nearest marketplace . Then set your circuit in cover and here we go 
Check it with Series Testing Board first . Because one short circuit can damage your electric supply .

Caution : You have to work with attention because it's a AC circuit it can shock you at any time. Check there no possibility of short circuits .Make every components you set as circuit diagram shows

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