Electric ceiling fan repairing and circuit diagram.

Electric ceiling  fan repairing 

Basically all knows that about ceiling fan . Ceiling fan power 220Volt  And 60-80 Watt ).
There are many cause to stopped your fan working .
I am describing some common reason down.But now follow bellow given circuit diagram of a electric ceiling fan. It may help you.

Circuit diagram of electric ceiling fan 

Electric fan circuit to repair
Electric Fan Circuit 

On above picture P = Phase/Line and N= Neutral .Not positive and negative.

Speed down problem on ceiling fan.

Basically this is a problem of your fan capacitor. You can change the capacitor . No need to call any technician or any other's man come on man this is the time to be change. It's 3rd generation not 1st/2nd.Check your capacitor it may be 2.5/3.5 uf (Micro Ferade  ).If 2.5 uf then buy new one 2.5 uf capacitor and change with old one .If 3.5 uf then buy new one and change with old one.

Ceiling fan  totally not working

It's may happens from your coil .In that case you have to repair this coil or fully rebind your coil .

Ceiling fan noising ? 
It's may happens for bearing problem . Change the bearing. But check first which one bearing is noising there are two bearings.

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