How to decorate your flower vase with home made Led neckless

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I made a flower vase lighting with home made LED (light emitting diode) neckless.

decorate flower vase with led
Led decorated flower vase

How to make LED neckless?

Take some useless flexible wire .
Take 120 pieces LED (12 different color) each color 10 pieces.
Make a series connection with all LED.
Mean 1st LED's positive leg connect with 2nd LED's negative leg.Step
by step connect all Led . Long leg is positive. After make full series
connection of all LED.
Take 1 a 1 watt diode and connect with last led's positive leg.
You have to must check that diode's positive side connected with
positive legs of LED . Then other led's side negative connect with a
10k resistance . And no supply 220 volt ac.It will light.
Now decorate your flower vase with this LED neckless . All led
decorate in every flower and lief. And check on night it will look
like as heaven.
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