How fluorescent bulb saving energy?

i will share

how fluorescent bulb saving energy and incandescent bulb wasting your energy.

Basically incandescent bulb made with a filament. Which is making
like a short circuit between phase and neutral. When phase and neutral
connecting it's lighting .
That's why it is taking too much energy this is really waste of energy.
It's a electrical bulb.

Fluorescent bulb benefits
Fluorescent bulb benefits

Fluorescent bulb benefit

fluorescent bulb lighting with a electronics circuit . This circuit
converting phase and neutral as a 15 watt or 23 watt (depends on bulb
power) power.And it's supplying on bulbt filament.And this bulb fully
made with gas so it's flashing like as high powered bulb. so use
fluorescent bulb and save your electrical energy save your money.
It's a electronics bulb.
23 watt fluorescent bulb = 100 watt incandescent bulb .so you are wasting
about 4.34% energy. So save your energy.use fluorescent bulb save
your money.

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