Electrical maintenance services

Electrical Machine Maintenance 

Basically electrical machine maintenance mean how to maintenance electrical machine.?
I learned it when i was reading on technical training center,electrical machine maintenance  (EMM) was a trade (Subject).I will share some maintenance work here in my blog.

Electrical Machine Maintenance
Electrical Machine Maintenance

What is electrical  machine maintenance  ?

electrical maintenance is mainly upkeep and regularly preservation of  electrical machine.Suppose an electrician works on building,residential,industry etc ,he have to maintenance  every tools and electric equipment like as circuit breaker connected freshly with connection. Electric circuit checking , electric motor connection circuit check switch check.Supply source load connecting is the main work of maintenance also.

If any equipment of electrical he found it's dead he have to change it.
Regularly check the voltage and amp. And running all machine on safe .
So it's the main work of a electricians
Electrical machine maintenance.

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