words in italy Some italy words about emotions,vehicles and others

Italy Words For Emotions / Feelings

words in italy
words in italy

Italian                         English
Amore                                      Love
Preoccupato                             Worried
Arrabbiato                                 Angry
Triste                                        Sad
Imbarazzato                             Embrassed
Impaurito                                 Afraid
Tipo                                          Kind
Felice                                       Happy
Scortese                                    Impolite
Delicato                                    Painful 
Annoiato                                   Bored
Stanco                                       Tired
Doloroso                                   Sensitive
Bello                                         Beautiful                                   
Ammirato                                 Delighted
Stupito                                      Amazed   
Odio                                          Hate

Italian words months of the year

Italian words                                    English Words 
gennaio                                                               January
febbraio                                                               February
marzo                                                                  March
aprile                                                                   April
maggio                                                                 May
giugno                                                                 June
luglio                                                                   July
agosto                                                                  August
settembre                                                            September
ottobre                                                                October
novembre                                                            November 
dicembre                                                              December


Italian Words For Vehicles

Italian                                 English
auto                                                   Car
camion                                              Truck
piano                                                  Plane 
barca                                                   Boat
furgone                                               Van

Some sentence of Italy amazing

Italian                                                  English
A domani!                                       See you tomorrow.
Come va?                                      How are you doing?
A presto!                                       See you soon.
Ci sentiamo bene                          We're feeling fine.
Arrivederci!                                  Good bye!
Ciao!                                            Hi/Bye
Buon giorno                                  Good morning 
Come si chiama ?                         What is your name?
Buon pomeriggio                             Good afternoon
Di dove sei?                                      Where are you from ?
Buona sera                                         Good evening
Piacre di conosceria                         Pleased to meet you.
Buona notte                                   Good night
Siamo quida una settimana           We have been here for a week
Come sta?                                         How are you ?

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