Who how and use of submarine

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Who how and use of submarine ?

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We are now on 3rd generation but now also many people don't know how submarine made who made this?
Actually we know about submarine after it's completely made.
Kursk Submarine
Kursk Submarine

Actually submarine is a ship which can drive under water.Submarine can go now many deeply on sea.
From many  years we are trying to find diamond and also some valuable things from sea .
But we were not able to go very deeply that was really a problem.Then we were trying to make something which can go on sea very deeply .

Then  Cornelis Drebbel (Holland) made first submarine on 1620

Cornelis Drebbel

                        Cornelis Drebbel

It was first submarine in the world.This submarine was made by wood and fully covered by leather.
It was able to go 3 to 4 meter deep in sea. But it was not enough.About 1800  here made many types of submarine.Only England made  14 submarine From 1727  .On 1880 they made  a submarine which was able to run with steam. Next time it developed to run with petrol and electricity .
On second world war  (1939-1945) submarine was made as able to run with diesel .
Now a days submarine is very modern .Now from submarine you can throw torpedo and  canon  to your enemies ship .

12 August 2000 there happened a accident with submarine .This submarine was from Russia .
Submarine name was Kursk Submarine .About 118 peoples death on this accident.

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