Led circuit diagram 230 Volt Led circuit diagram

Sharing two awesome electronics circuit diagram.

Led circuit diagram You can make it at home.

Here i am sharing two awesome electronics circuit diagram . Which we checked many times.One is power flood light with LED and next one is decorate with light by LED.This two system is very simple and really awesome .

230 Volt Led Circuit Diagram

230 Volt Led Circuit Diagram
230 Volt Led Circuit Diagram

I used 15 Led you can use more but on 15 led i got a good lightness.Use all resistor as circuit diagram.
Be sure your all led connected like as circuit diagram.

 This is a awesome  led lights circuit diagram

led lights circuit diagram
Awesome blinking light circuit diagram.
Don't use more then 40turn in nut or bolt .
Don't use more than 9 Volt.
Check positive and negative then connect.

Lets make it on you home ... 

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