Diy LED projects decorate your home with nice lighting

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Electronics project decorate your home with nice lighting

With awesome looking.

Diy led projects
Diy led projects

Need to make this lighting

  • 16 volt 1 am Ac transformer.
  • Steel wire 14 feet .
  • Long wire for connection.
  • 240 LED  12 colors . (20 red ,20 blue,20 orange,20 yellow,20 green,20 white,20pink) etc etc.

Let's make a led projects

 Make a mild steel wire like as this one picture . 
14 feet long 1/8" diameter i used this one you can use another .
The wire is wound into a spiral.
Led diy project
Spiral wire

Now connect all light with wire like as  1st one positive next one negative .Like as series connection .Led long leg positive and small leg negative.Solder all LED tightly .

you can follow the picture bellow given.

Led connection
Led Connection

After making full connection make  necklace with this mild steel .
Follow bellow given image.

240 led necklace
240 led necklace

Now connect this all with a 16 volt 1 amp transformer ac .
Positive negative is not a fact in this connection .

Follow bellow given picture
No need to connect after 15 LED segments . Just connnect on first positive and negative.
Connect transformer

At last  hung it with ceiling fan hook .
And check it how nice .
follow picture bellow given ,
I used all white LED you can use 240 picture 12 color . each color 20 pieces randomly
It will look as great.

Diy led projects
Diy led projects

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