What is resistor? | What Is Ohms? | Ohms Law | Resistor Connection

What is resistor? | What Is Ohms? | Ohms Law | Resistor Connection 


 What is resistor ?

Resistor is a electronics component this reduce electric and electronics Volt.
Resistor ability to reduce current called resistance. and resistance measured units of Ohms.
Ohms symbol is ohms (Ω)

 Ohms Law :

The resistance I (Current)  Is equal to V (Voltage) divided by R (Resistance)

I  = V / R

P (Power in watts )  is equal to Current into Volt

P = I X V

Resistor Parallel Connection  : 

Parallel Connection

Law Of Parallel Connection Is  :
R total = 1  /  R1 + 2 /  R2 +  3 / R3 ....

Series Connection of Resistor :

Law of Series Connection of Resistor

R total = R1+R2+R3.......

Series Connection

 Resistor color code :

For resistor color code you can read this post.
Read Color Code

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Anonymous said…
Thank you this article was too much help full i want resistance color code can please post ?
Unknown said…
Hey thanks to you . Yes resistance color code post is there .
learnelectronicshelp.blogspot.com/2015/10/resistor-color-code.html visit this one.
Unknown said…
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