What is capacitor ? | Type of capacitor | What is capacitance

 What is capacitor?

Capacitor is a electric and electronics devices.
This device is storing electric charge statistically and temporary .
This device made by two plates of dielectric.
Using on Radio,Television,Fan,Mobile Charger etc.

What is capacitor?
What is capacitor?

electronics capacitor
Some Capacitor

Electronics Capacitor

What is capacitance ?

Capacitance is formula of capacitor.
Like how much charge one capacitor can take or store this is capacitance of this capacitor . 

Uses of capacitor :

  • Power supply system using the capacitor to convert ac to dc.
  • Energy storing.
  • Tuner,tuning radio with lc oscilator for desiring the correct frequency .
  • Fix charging and discharging time with capacitor.
  • Controlling the power factor. 
Electrical capacitor

Types Of Capacitor :

  • Air capacitor 
  • Plastic Capacitor
  • Plastic film capacitor
  •  Silvered Mica capacitor
  • Ceramic capacitor
  • Mixed dielectric capacitor
  • Electrolyte capacitor

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