types of relay

What is Relay ?

Relay is a automatic electronics components which is inserted on circuit breaker and power circuit.
If relay found any problems on circuit ,Relay gives helps circuit breaker to close the power of circuit.
That's why we called circuit breaker  security of power.

types of relay
Types of relay

Types Of Relay

There are many types of relay

I am describing types of relay

Structure basis types of relay 

  • Electromagnetic Type relay
  • Electro-Dynamometer Type Relay
  • Induction type relay
  • Electronic type relay
  • Thermal Type Relay
  • Polarized Type
Work basis types of relay

  • Current Relay
  • Voltage Relay
  • Power Relay
  • Frequency Relay
  • Phase Unbalance Relay
  • Power Factor Relay
  • Impedance Relay
Timing Types of relay
  • Instantaneous Relay
  • Definite Time Relay
  • Inverse Type Current Definite Minimum Time Lag Relay


Use of relay 

  • To rescue from short circuit of transmission and distribution .
  • To get rescue from transformer overload .
  • To get rescue from generator overload.
  • Low voltage problem .
  • High voltage problem.
  • Power factor Problem.

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