How to make a decorating light?

Making a decorator light

Decorating light is a type of light.
Which is using  to decorate any home office room  and any celebration center.
It's very good elements to calibrate Christmas,Halloween,Eid,Puja Etc.

How it made?

Mainly it made by some LED (Light Emitting Diod) . Some series connection  added some led statistically .
You can get LED on any electronics shop. Added statistically 150 to 200 LED.

Let's make decorating light.

Need's to make decorating light

  • Resistance R1 = 27 KiloOhms 
  • Resistance R2 = 27 KilloOhms
  • Polarist Capacitor C1 = 100uF 10V
  • Polarist Capacitor C2 = 100uF 10V 
  • Non Polarist Capacitor C3 = 203 or 104.
  • Transistor Q1 = 9014
  • Transistor Q2 = 9014
  • 6 Piece red led 6 piece blue or any color LED .
  • House wearing plastic channel .

Connect the circuit like as this diagram i have gave bellow.

Diagram to make decorating light
Diagram to make decorating light

Set Led on plastic channel like as bellow photo . And  set all led as 1 Inch far from other led.

Connect all LED like as bellow photo

Led Connecting to make decorating light
Led Connecting to make decorating light

Connect all Led you can use 12 Piece or 20 piece led for better.

Connecting all led to make decorating light
Connecting all LED

Now connect on circuit 6 Volt to 9 Volt.
Check your bulb is lighting.

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