how to make an audio amplifier ?

Learning How to make an audio amplifier . This is a qualified audio amplifier circuits .
I will discuss here step by step you can get all this elements on your near electronics market so it's too simple .Let's start.

how to make an audio amplifier ?

Step 1  :  Collect some elements to make this audio amplifier .

  • 12V-0-12V 3A Or  3000MA Transformer .
  • Electrolyte capacitor 35V 3300mfd.
  • Rectifier Diode 1N4007 2 pieces. 
  • LA4508 audio circuit board.
  • Base tone control circuit with 4 volumes.

Now look at the picture bellow given.And connect like this i have linked.

12v transformer
12v transformer

Electrolyte capacitor 35V 3300mfd.
Electrolyte capacitor 35V 3300mfd.

Diode 1N4007
Diode 1N4007

LA4508 audio amplifier circuits
LA4508 audio amplifier circuits

Base tone control circuit
Base tone control circuit with 4 volumes.

Step 2 

Make Ct connect of rectifier diode . Capacitor have two legs  one is positive and one is negative . which side have - sign mean negative sign this leg is negative. Now others one is positive.
Make a connection between rectifier diode and capacitor . Positive capacitors leg with diode positive leg.

Now connect with Transformer.
transformer connection
Connecting transformer

transformer connection

Step 3 

Have a look on LA4508 audio amplifier circuit
Inside two sign IN OR INPUT with two points.Near there also out or speaker two points. 12V+ - two signs points find out them .

Now connect positive wire which come from capacitor connect it on 12v + . and also connect negative on - .If you are not able to find them please connect with 25V 2200mfd  capacitors  + and - .
Now connect a 6 inch or 8 inch speaker to this speaker or out points. Now supply 220 Volt Ac  on transformer.Now touch on Ic's leg if you got a sound then your circuit is ok if not then your circuit is dead.
Now check out on LA4508 audio amplifier circuit  here also have 4 points for Input . In or input sign.
Connect 4 wires on this points. Check two negative option come from circuits . Connect this two negative wires twisted .

Step 4
Have a look on  Base tone control circuit with 4 volumes.Here also + 12V- Input And Output .
Take 4 wires from input points.Here also you will get 2 negative wire connect this 2 wire twisty .
Now you can look here have 3 wires now.On this three wire connect a stereo pin .
Have a look on output here also 4 wires connect two negative wire now 3 wires.
Now from LA4508 audio amplifier circuit  input option connect with base tone input option .
Supply 12 volt on this tone base circuit .Connect any speaker on output points .


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