Electic iron repair problem and solution

Types of electric iron

There are two types of electric iron 
  • General electric iron.
  • Automatic electric iron.
Electric iron picture. 
Electric iron
Electric iron

Types of automatic electric iron .

  • Automatic electric iron.
  • Automatic electric stream iron.

Structure of  a simple electric iron  

Electric iron structure
Electric iron structure

  • Sole plate.
  • Heating element.
  • Pressure plate.
  • Hood assembly.
  • Supply cord.

 Problem Cause and Solution to repair your electric iron

Problem 1

***Electric iron not heating . 

Causes 1 :
  •  Iron have no connection .
  • Connection fault between terminal point and element.
  •  Fault on plug , may be wire disconnected from plug.
  • Heating element may be broken .
  • Automatic iron's thermostatic switch may be not working.
 Solution 1 :
  • Check the supply cord with test lamp .
  • Check the continuity with test lamp , if need you can open the cover and check the heating element.
  • Check the plug cover it's connected with wire or not.
  • Open the cover of your iron and remove the pressure plate ,check fault with test lamp , if need change the heating element.
  • Check the thermostat repair it or change it.
Problem 2    
When touching body of electric iron it's shocking. 
Causes 2 :
  • Part of heating element may be touched the pressure plate or sole plate.
  • Terminal post or connector may be broken and touched body.
  • Plug earth wire can be touched the Phase.
Solution 2 
  •  Check with test lamp get fault and repair it.
  • If you got any part of element touched with pressure plate or sole plate just remove it and reconnect .
Problem 3 
 When turning on the switch fuse firing instantly .
Causes 3
  • Short on heating element.
  • Phase and neutral may be connected on plug.
  • Supply cord have short .
Solution 3  
  • Change the heating element.
  • Check the plug and repair.
  • Change the supply cord.
Problem 4 
 Heating element firing quickly . 
Causes 4 
  •  Screw not tight goodly . 
  •  Tight screw very twisty . 
Pilot Led not lighting ? 
Causes :
  • Pilot lamp fuse .
  • Pilot lamp disconnected.
  • Change the pilot lamp of your iron .
  • Repair connection between pilot lamp .

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