Circuit Diagram Of A Mosquito Swatter / Mosquito Racket

This is a mosquito  racket which  is looking such as playing racket. But it's really a mosquito killer racket.
Some of my electronics worker friend asked me to give a mosquito racket circuit.
So i am uploading here in my blog. This circuit diagram of a mosquito killer/swatter is very helpful .

Simple circuit diagram to know how mosquito swatter works?

how mosquit swatter works?
How mosquito swatter works ?

This is a simple diagram which showing how mosquito swatter/ Mosquito racket works ?
For descriptive circuit diagram of mosquito racket check bellow.

Mosquito swatter step up transformer

mosquito swatter transformer
Mosquito rackets Transformer

S1-F2 - Primary have 3t 0.4mm ENCU
S2-F2 Primary have 3t 0.4mm ENCU
S3-F3 Secondary have 360t 0.25mm ENCU

Actually this is a step up transformer which is supplying a high voltage .It's converting voltage dc to ac.

Descriptive Circuit diagram of a mosquito killer or mosquito swatter

mosquito swatter circuit diagram
Circuit diagram of a mosquito racket bat

This is a full circuit diagram of a mosquito racket bat . All capacitor diode transistor switch battery.
I think this is very helpful circuit diagram.
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