Bridge Rectifier Circuit | What Is Rectifier Circuit ?

Learn Bridge Rectifier Circuit | What is rectifier circuit ?

What is rectifier ?

Rectifier is a electronics component. Which is converting power  AC (Alternative Current ) to  DC   (Direct Current). Basically we are using diode as a rectifier . Rectifier mainly using the diode to make follow current in only one direction .Bridge rectifier circuit is bellow given.

Types of rectifier 

They are two types of rectifier circuit .One is Half wave rectifier circuit   second is full wave rectifier circuit/bridge rectifier circuit.

Half wave rectifier circuit 

This is very simple rectifier circuit . We are using single diode to make this type rectifier circuit.
As output getting just half cycle of wave  and efficiency is half. Voltage is too high  and it's easy to make cheap also.

Half wave rectifier circuit diagram
Half wave rectifier circuit diagram
Half wave rectifier circuits
Half wave rectifier circuits

Full wave rectifier circuit / Bridge rectifier circuits

This is very useful circuit and making with  2 or 4 diodes usually . Getting a full cycle of wave . And full
efficiency.It's also called  bridge rectifier circuit . In this circuit voltage is low but frequency is good.

Bridge rectifier circuit
Bridge rectifier circuit

Bridge rectifier circuits
Bridge rectifier circuit

There are many types of diode in market but most common diode is 1N4007
And also on bridge rectifier circuits we are using a electrolytic capacitors .
25V and 1000 Micro Fer-rad. 

Uses of rectifier

Rectifier is a very useful electronics project. And we are using this one on every electronics circuit such as on mobile charger, Laptop charger, hand torch light charging sector On every power circuit in electronics we are just using rectifier .

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